3D Cartoon Hunk Fucked and Cummed On


While he was out at the bar one night, this handsome 3D cartoon hunk spotted this muscular stud across the bar from him.  Noticing he had been eyeing him up, he goes over to him and begins to chat him up.  The two have a few rounds of drinks with each other, and then after they’re feeling good and buzzed they had back to his place together.  It doesn’t take long at all after they arrive before he’s already getting down on his knees and tearing this horny hunk’s pants off.  As soon as he’s got his cock out, he takes a few seconds to admire it before he wraps his lips tightly around his shaft.  Like a true expert, he works his hands, mouth, and tongue together in perfect harmony as he rhythmically bobs his head back and forth along his shaft.  Once he’s gotten him nice and hard, he gets into position on his hands and knees.  The other hunk gets into position behind him and spits onto his asshole for some lube, and the plunges his rock hard cock deep into his asshole.  He holds tightly onto his hips as he thrusts vigorously in and out of his hole.  It doesn’t take too long before he’s about to cross the point of no return, and as he feels himself about to burst he pulls his cock out of his ass.  He then gives himself a few strokes to push himself over the edge and shoots a massive load of hot and sticky cum all over his arched back.

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