3D Coached Toyed and Fucked

This overweight 3D cartoon coach had an infamous reputation at this school for getting a bit too touchy with his players.  This handsome jock had went to the team try outs, and thought he did great, personally.  The coach pulls him to the side and says he’ll have to come back to his place after school so that they can discuss his potential place within the team.  He agrees, and a few hours later he drives down to the address the coach gave him.  He had previously told him to just come right in, the door would be unlocked.  He opens the door, and his coach is fully naked laying down on his bed.  “Come here” he tells him.  He walks towards him and kneels down by the foot of the bed.  “There’s a toy on the floor, grab it.  Put it in me.”  He reaches down and grabs the toy, spits on it to to lube it up, and slides the toy up his ass.  “You love football, right? So do I.  Grab that football over there.  Put it in me.” the coach tells him.  He complies, managing to get a good half of the ball into his ass.  “Now, your cock.  Put your cock in my ass.” the coach asks him.  He does as he says, plunging his cock into his big loosened up asshole and vigorously pounds him deep and hard.  “Don’t tell anyone about this, and you can be team captain” the coach tells him right after they finish up.

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