3D Cop Getting Fucked by a Prisoner

Rumors had been swirling at the station about this cop, and his sexual preferences.  He had a wife, but it was just for show.  He wanted the team to think he was straight, but the rumors of him being gay had persisted.  Though, the thing is, it’s based wholly in truth.  He’s been known to get very close with the prisoners.  One day he was booking new inmates into the jail when he laid eyes on this ginger stud.  He looks at his clipboard, and sees that he’s in for charges of being a known male prostitute, whose clients are almost exclusively men.  ‘Perfect,’ he thought.  He takes him aside and has him lay down on a table, at which point he takes his pants off and squats down over him. The prisoner’s tongue reaches outward, and begins to lick the cops asshole.  After it’s got a healthy coating of saliva on it, the cop busts out a big black dildo he’d been hiding, and tells him to use it on his ass.  He does, effortlessly sliding the massive toy into his tight asshole.  Once he’s gotten him good and loosened up with it, it’s time for the main course.  The prisoner takes out his cock, and thrusts it deep into the cops asshole.  He holds onto his hips as he pounds him deep and hard from behind.  It doesn’t take long for this prisoner to be ready to cum, and he quickly pulls out and shoots a thick load of cum all over the cops ass.

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