3D Ebony Hunk Fucked by a Policeman

This dark skinned handsome 3D cartoon hunk is a repeat offender, and the cops are getting real sick and tired of dealing with his shit.  After getting apprehended once more for petty crimes, he pleads with this overweight cop to please show him some mercy.  “Why the hell would I do that?  What’s in it for me?” he asks.  “Well… anything you want.  ANYTHING.” he replies to the police officer.   The cop then immediately has him get down on his hands and knees, and he spits onto his asshole for a little bit of lube (not too much though – he’s not that concerned with showing him mercy!) and then thrusts his rock hard cock deep inside of his hole.  The jokes on this criminal though – this cop had no plans of showing mercy, he just wanted a piece of that ass!

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