3D Ebony Stud Fucked by a Fat Cop

This handsome dark skinned 3D cartoon stud had no idea that the police were onto him.  He was just a small time dealer, slanging dimebags out of his apartment.  The cops were well aware though, and were en route to execute a search warrant.  This overweight cop pounds on his door, demanding he open the door or have it kicked down.  He opens the door reluctantly after doing a half assed job hiding his stash.  The cop quickly finds a few ounces he hastily hid under a couch cushion and gets ready to cuff him and bring him downtown.  “Please man, I’m just a small time guy.  I barely make anything from selling these, I just do it to feed my family.  I’ll do anything if you let this slide.”  This gives the pervy fat cop an idea.  “Fine, let’s go to your bedroom.” he tells him.  They both strip down and he has the ebony hunk start things out by jerking him off with his feet.  He then commands him to bend over against the nearby couch, and after spitting on his asshole he plunges his hard cock deep into his asshole.  He vigorously thrusts in and out of him, assuring him that he’ll tell the boys back at the station that nothing was found if he agrees to let him come over now and then as he feels horny.  If he refuses though, it’s straight to jail for him!


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