3D Prisoner Fucked by a Guard

This prison guard had become infamous at this facility.  He had the rather unconventional nickname of Sgt. Dick Slap and was known to give special treatment to inmates willing to do things for him.  This prisoner had caught word of this and flags him down as he’s patrolling.  The guard unlocks the cell door and enters, making sure to lock the door behind him.  The inmate explains the rumors he heard, and the guard smiles as he confirms it’s true.  The guard has the prisoner sit down on a chair and tells him “Now you’ll know why they gave me that name.” He has him tilt his head back, and he slaps his cock on his face repeatedly for a good minute.  “Are you willing to do everything I ask?” he inquires.  “Whatever it takes” the inmate replies.  “Put your cock in my ass then” the guard tells him.  He nods his head and the guard gets on top of him and lowers his asshole down onto his rock hard cock.  He vigorously bounces up and down on his cock, and his moans grow in intensity as the inmate wraps his hand around his cock to jerk him off while he fucks his ass.  Soon the guard is ready to burst, and he commands the inmate to get down onto his knees.  He gives his cock a few strokes, and then proceeds to unleash a massive load of cum all over the inmate’s chest.

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