Buff 3D Hunk Rimmed and Blown

This handsome 3D cartoon muscular stud spotted this even more ripped hunk with a shaved head at the bar and knew he needed to get him to come back to his house with him.  He chats him up and the two share a few drinks, and as bar close nears the two head back to his house.  He must have picked up on his signals, because as soon as they get through the door he’s got his hands all over him.  The stud lays down flat on his back on the floor, and then he squats down over him, putting his asshole right in his face.  He feels his warm wet tongue emerge from his mouth and flick back and forth on his bung.  His cheeks get spread wide open so he can really get his face deep in there and go to work on it.  He then stands him up and crams his rock hard cock down his throat, holding onto his head as he thrusts his shaft in and out of his eager mouth.  The two then switch places, making sure they’ve both gotten fully satisfied.

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