Tied Up 3D Stud Gets Fisted

This handsome 3D cartoon hunk had recently been digging deeper in his search for internet pornography and encountered fisting videos.  The second his eyes saw it, he knew it was something he wanted very, very badly.  He sees this muscular dark skinned hunk while he’s out at the bar and knows he’d be perfect to do the honors.  He chats him up, and after a few drinks the two are headed back to his house.  He’s already been exploring his various kinks, so he’s got his share of bondage gear.  The dark skinned hunk suggests that maybe he try restraining himself in it, and loving the idea, he gets right in and has him lock him into place.  With his head down and ass up, the ebony stud starts out by spitting on his asshole for some lube before sliding a finger inside.  He adds another, and then one more, and figures he’s got him good and loosened up so he plunges in with his entire fist.  He’s surprised how easily he makes it in there, and from the studs moans he knows he’s doing a good job.  The ebony hunk makes him show his appreciation for a while by making him suck on his cock before he’s right back to fisting him.  The stud quickly cums from the anal stimulation, and then returns the favor by jerking the black guy off until he gushes forth with a massive load of jizz.

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